Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love my Daddy.

Holy crap Grady... not usually the "no fear" child.

Dylan is trying to get the Batman mask on.


So, our life is full of excitement allways. Our latest "drama" was on Friday night. Grady and Janaya were wrestling on Grady's bed, and well accidents happen, and Grady broke Janaya's glasses. You would've thought that the world came to an end. She came out bawling and couldn't stop to tell Shane that she wasn't physically, but emotionally hurt. She loves those glasses. She has had them for 2 years now, and can't imagine how she would look with different ones. Well we will see soon. Shane tried to comfort her by telling her that it could've been worse. She could've not been wearing them and he could've poked her eyes and been in the emergency room all night. She looked at him and grumpily said, "that wouldn't be worse, Dad!" Oh he stood corrected, huh? She got over it by the end of the night, and is acctually looking forward to new ones. Thank goodness. We love her, she is the best big sister and daughter!
Sweet baby Dylan loves to dress up too.

Grandma Sharon and her favorite son! Ha ha

Did I miss my bedtime?

WOW!! Can you hurry?

Declan was so excited for Grady to open up his birthday presents. What an expression, don't you think?

Monday, December 1, 2008